Anti surge Compressor Housing GT3582 AR.60 comes with billet backplate. The backplate, also name adapter ring can be sold sperately. OTS offers custom service for this compressor housing, the housing can be machined to required diamensions. GT3582 AR.70 anti surge compressor housing is also available.

We all know that in a turbo, surge is not a good thing, it demages the compressor wheel, even causes unbalancing of rotor shaft, kills or shortens the life of a turbo. Why is there a surge? What happened when the surge comes? And are there any ways that we can do to prevent it? The anti- surge compressor housing is widely chosen as an answer.

The Anti surge Housing allows compressed air coming out of the turbo to recirculate back into the inlet to prevent compresor surge .
Basically with a large turbo your engine can only consume a given amount of air at lower revs if the turbo is flowing more then this amount it causes compressor surge . which is air flowing backwards into the compressor wheel . Which is real bad for the turbo.

You always need a bypass or blow off valve to release the boost when closing the throttle (letting off the gas or shifting) so the boosted air does not back up from the closed throttle plate back to the compressor and stall the compressor blade.

You need a ported or anti surge compressor housing only when you are running a turbo that is a little too big for the motor, because the engine is not able to take in all the boosted air the compressor is making during some engine operating conditions and the boosted air backing up and stalling the compressor. It allows a little bit of the compressor’s boosted air to bleed off from the low speed part of the compressor wheel and recirculate back to the intake to help keep the compressor spinning so it won’t stall as easily. The ported housing is actually a little less efficient since some boosted air is bled off to be recirculated and not sent directly to the motor.

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anti surge compressor housing GT3582