Garrett Billet Compressor Wheel Series 875005-0003 93.97mm x 62.94mm 11+0 Blades. This is a latest Garrett Series product with nut screw!

If you are looking for a billet compressor wheel manufacturer, OTS is a very good choice.

1. We equip with advanced 5 axis milling machines from Japan and Germany, including DMU 40 eVo, to take care of billet compressor wheel milling with high precision.

2. Several kinds of SCHENCK balance machines are available for different turbo compressor wheel balancing requirement. You can click to watch video shows our NAGAHAMA-SCHENCK automotive balancing machine balancing turbo compressor wheel, the removed area can be within 120° according different request of our customers.

3. Material is optional. We have rich experience in billet compressor wheel / impeller, either aluminum or titanium or and stainless steel.

4. We partner with professional and experienced turbomachinery engineers and CAD designers, we have rich experience to design or upgrade compressor wheel to increase thrust up to 10%.

5. We are delivering one-stop service of engineering, manufacturing and design, which make it easier for you.

Welcome to contact us to see what we can help you.

garrett billet compressor wheel

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