GT30 V-band stainless steel turbine housing / exhaust housing, high precision machined, fits 55mm turbine wheel.


GT30, GTX30, GT30R GTX30R series turbo

Turbine A/R

A/R 1.06
A/R .63 and A/R .82 are also available


  • Rust resistant, better durability and longevity vs iron turbine housing
  • 33% turbocharger weight reduction vs iron turbine housing
  • Investment cast stainless steel for a beautiful, smooth interior and exterior
  • V-band inlet and outlet, no need of gaskets and bolts, no leaks and no broken bolts
  • Overall physical size is smaller than standard turbine housing, allowing it to fit in tight engine bays
  • Better heat control than cast iron
  • 360° pivoting of the turbo is possible
Why OTS Stainless Steel Turbine Housing?

1. Reliable Raw Material
we use stainless steel 316, which contains alloy molybdenum, this drastically enhances corrosion resistance.

2. Rich Experience in Casting
We have rich experience in stainless steel turbine housing casting with a result of:
1) Smooth and beautiful outside surface
2) Smooth internal flow
We apply ceramic core investment casting for these turbine housings with thin wall and small flow, which makes the surface much smoother than sand core does.

3. Rich Experience in Precision Machining
Stainless steel turbine housing needs much higher precision machining requirements. The most difficult machining area is inlet port. We can well finish it with our experience.

gt30 v-band stainless steel turbine housing

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