GT3582 ceramic ball bearing turbo GT3582R ceramic ball bearing turbo with aluminum billet compressor wheel. Quick response time, more efficiency.


  • Turbine wheel: 62*68mm, 10 blades
  • Compressor wheel: 62*82mm, 6+6 blades


  • Aluminum billet compressor wheel (casting aluminum compressor wheel optional)
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing system

Features of OTS Dual Ceramic Turbo Ball Bearing System

  • Low friction by using of the ceramic balls, turbocharger work capacity boosts!
  • Ceramic ball bearing from Germany, quality reliable!
  • Axial movement/float gap/clearance is adjusted to 0.005mm (5μm)-0.01mm. Turbocharger longevity increases greatly.
  • More than 5000 sets of turbochargers with OTS Dual Ceramic Turbo Ball Bearing System were sold to overseas (mainly USA) and received zero complain.