A customer has been using GTX5533R Gen2 98mm dual ceramic ball bearing turbo for quite some time, but due to the special application, the stock compressor wheel got damaged almost every time when the turbo fails.

After several rounds of on-line meeting and email communications with this customer and analysing of the demaged samples, we come to a conclusion that the compressor wheel is not stronge enough for this special application. So we recommend to upgrade the the stock aluminum compressor wheel to to titanium alloy compressor wheel.

Not only that, customer also wants more airflow. So we redesigne the wheel and also increase the blade thickness to make the wheel stronger.

We keep the wheel inducer and shape unchanged, so that it can still fit into the stock compressor housing to save cost.

This project has completed sucessfully and the titanium compressor wheel has been delivered to our customer. We’re excited to see the final result.