Wastegate parts plays a key role in turbo performance. Material for most turbo wastegate parts are of stainless steel, but for some special conditions like racing, the wastegate parts of traditional material can not resist the temperature . OTS can custom or upgrade the turbo wastegate parts, mainly wastegate flapper and arm with inconel alloy.

What is the advantage of inconel turbo wastegate parts? Since material is same as turbine wheel of inconel713C, which theoretically can bear temperature up to 950°C, the wastegate flapper & arm will not be deformed or twisted easily. Not only with higher heat-resistance, inconel wastegate parts are also more resistant to wear and corrosion, we also have clients who ask us to upgrade certain models of wastete parts with inconel713C for boat engine application.

Below are the pictures of the most popular inconel turbo wastegate, one is IS38 inconel wastegate and another is GT28/TB28.

If you have any requirment of inconel turbo wastegate, welcome to contact us for more information.