IS38 compressor cover / housing for turbo 06K145722H 06K145722A 06K145725S for turbo-charger MK7 Golf R and Audi S3.

Except OE size, we also can machine this IS38 compressor cover / housing to fit different turbo compressor wheel size according to your requirement, since many people are keen on upgrading Golf MK7 GTI by using IS38 compressor cover / housing.

The shape of IS38 turbo compressor housing is complex, which makes it easy to cause insufficient casting. We are experienced and can control it in a good way and control the quality in details. The machining is not hard, but the fixture is a key factor to ensure the machining quality and precision.

Fit Turbo:

Model: IS38
Part No.:
06K 145 722A
06K 145 722H
06K 145 725S


Audi 8V S3 FWD 2.0T
Audi 8V S3 Quattro 2.0T
Audi A3 8V Quattro 2.0T
Audi MK3 TT(2014+) Quattro 2.0T
Audi TTS MK3 (2014+) 2.0T
Volkswagen Alltrack 1.8T Gen3
Volkswagen Golf VII GTI 1.8T Gen3
Volkswagen Golf VII Hatchback 1.8T Gen3
Volkswagen Golf VII Sportswagen 1.8T Gen3
Volkswagen Golf VII GTI 2.0T Gen3
Volkswagen Golf VII R GTI 2.0T Gen3

IS38 compressor cover