T4 A/R.81 Turbine Housing Turbo Charger

This T4 A/R.81 turbine housing turbo charger is excellent for drift and road racing, with aluminum compressor housing, billet aluminum CNC machined backplate, aluminum billet compressor wheel is optional


Bearing: Journal Bearing
Turbine Housing Flange: Standard T4
Exhaust Outlet: V-band
Cooling Type: Oil Cooled
Compressor: A/R.80
Compressor Wheel Inducer: 76.74mm
Turbine: A/R.81
Turbine Wheel Exducer: 64.5mm
Wastegate: External
Backplate: Billet Aluminum CNC Machined
Turbine Wheel Material: Inconel713C
Mark: Aluminum Billet Compressor Wheel Optional

OTS aims to high quality level market, we carry out inspection of every turbo parts before assembly them to completed turbo.
quality control OTS Turbo

T4 A/R.81 turbo charger

Billet Aluminum CNC Machined Backplate
CNC Machined Backplate Ring
Compressor Housing Machining in House