With the success of our VM Golf 7R upgrade turbo, also known as IS38 OEM+ or enhancement, we are working on developing a solution for the new VW Golf 8R MK8 2.0 TSI 06Q145703C Continental turbo.

Our IS38 OEM+ or enhancement turbo is different and the major difference is that the bearing system is stronger and lasts longer than the OEM’s.
We’ll keep the same widely used and shown successful bearing system in our new VW Golf 8R MK8 turbo. At the same time, since the IS38 OEM+ CHRA is good, we’ll keep the center bearing housing or keep the frame. And the oil inlet outlet, water inlet outlet fitting positions will be the same to the OEM’s.

Compressor housing / cover will be the same as the OEM’s, the sizes and fittings. While turbine housing will be different. CHRA size of the housing will be V-band type, connected with the same V-band type CHRA, and this is different to the OEM’s. A/R and other inlet outlet sizes, also downpipe connections will be the same to OEM’s.

We’re expecting to have the product early next year.