We often meet clients asking for what turbine wheel material OTS applies for turbocharger or asking us to suggest turbine wheel material to meet their special requirement.

OTS Turbo applies high quality Inconel 713C alloy from state owned mills for turbine wheels for aftermarket turbos and high performance turbos.The theoretical bearing temperature of Inconel713C is 950°C. When the exhaust temperature exceeds 1000°C, we are able to apply material MAR-M246 turbine wheel, especially for turbo chargers for racing cars.
turbine wheel material Mar-M246
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Asks and Answers:

1. What is the quantity to order Mar-M246 turbine wheel?
Due to the requirement for raw material procurement, the MOQ is usually 200-300 pieces, while we have some existing customers who order Mar-M246 turbine wheel regularly, so we can integrate orders and also sometimes we make a small amount of material inventory, so the quantity of 20, 30 or 50 pcs is also ok for us , but the costs vary.

2. What is time leading for Mar-M246 turbine wheel?
Time leading varies according to different types turbine wheel, but it is usually about 30 days.

If any client need MAR-M246 turbine wheel, welcome to contact us for further discussion.

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