Upgrade IS38 Ball Bearing Turbo CHRA 06K145722H MK7 Golf R

Upgrade IS38 turbo chra from journal bearing to ball bearing (ceramic ball bearing from Germany) version with larger exducer billet compressor wheel than stock IS38 06K145722H turbo chra, but can still fit directly to stock IS38 housings.

To develop ball bearing IS38, we designed the ball bearing bearing housing and opened a new mold for it. Unlike GT ball bearing turbo chra, the external design of this ball bearing IS38 chra is same as OEM, so there is no need to use any oil restrictor.

This chra has been tested on real cars for over 5 months, from 1.6 bar to 1.8 bar to 2.1 bar, works very stable.

Advantages of OTS dual ceramic ball bearing system

  • Low friction by using of the ceramic balls, turbocharger work capacity boosts!
  • Ceramic ball bearing from Germany, quality reliable!
  • Axial movement/float gap/clearance is adjusted to 0.005mm (5μm)-0.01mm. Turbocharger longevity increases greatly.
  • More than 5000 sets of turbochargers with OTS Dual Ceramic Turbo Ball Bearing System were sold to overseas (mainly USA) and received zero complain

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